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how many breastfeeds does a 6mth baby need? Rss

Just wondering how many breastfeeds a 6mth baby needs in a 24hour period? My baby is already on three meals of solids a day as she started at 4mths. Do you start cutting out feeds and add in dairy products to their meals or do they still need drinks of milk?

kate WA 6mth baby


my daughter still has 6 breast feeds a day and she is also on 3 solid meals... i have been told that she really doesn't need anymore than 5, but she doesn't really like juice or water so until she does i think i am stuck with 6 breastfeeds a day...

i wouldn't even know which one to drop???


Kristie, tvlle, 3.5yr & newborn

DD had 4 hourly breast feeds until 9 months when I started to wean her. She also loved solids and had three meals a day including finger foods. Personally, I think 6 months is too young to cut breast feeds. They say breast/formula is the main source of nourishment until bubs is 9 months so solids is more about teaching them to eat (rice cereal for added iron of course). Having said that, every baby is different so I'm in no position to assume your baby isn't ready to wean.

You can introduce dairy products now, such as yoghurt, custard and even cheese if your bub is at the finger food stage. The issue seems to be replacing breast/formula with dairy (cows milk) before 1. I started gradually from 11 months and now DD has two small drinks of warm cows milk a day. A good tip I was told was to mix DD's cereal with cows milk (any time from 6 months). This will help your baby adjust to digesting it as well as allowing you to monitor for reactions.

I found by 9 months DD was starting to really fuss at the boob during a couple of feeds. I made the decision to stop the post afternoon nap feed, and she didn't even care. I was really suprised as expected it to be such a 'drama'. I replaced that wish an afternoon tea time snack. My goal was to have DD down to only a morning and night breast feed by 1 - I've just started that this week - YIPPEE.

I think what might help you is having a plan. How long are you prepared to breast feed for? I also decided to go back to work part time once DD turned 1 so that helped me decide on a plan. Don't feel pressured by any-one else, do what is best for you. My GP gives me a bit of grief for weaning as she breast fed her 4 kids full on till they were nearly 3. Good for her, but not what I was prepared to do.

Best of luck sweetie !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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