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My little mr independent!! Lock Rss

Hopeing someone out there is in the same boat as me and can give me abit of advise.

my lil man is now 8.5 months old, and was the best feeder ever a month or so ago but has now decided that hes to cool to be spoon feed!!

which is driving me and his father bonkers as he is far to lil to be able to feed himself properly. everytime the spoon aproches he trys grabbing it off you, we used to be able to make him smile and dodge teh hand to get the spoon in there, but hes has recently changed his smile not giving us enough room for the spoon!! we have tried putting somthing in hes hand so he cant grab the spoon but he now just turns his head!!

He is the bigest fan of all kinds of finger food, and is actually quiet good at feeding himself compared to other babies around his age..... but hes hardly going to be a healthy baby living off slices of fruit and vege and marmite toast... so i keep fighting the battle, and at best i can normally get around 3-5 spoons into him before hes lernt all my tricks and demanding the spoon and plate to make a mess!!!.... so any one out there ..... got any more lil tricks i can try???
If you don't mind me asking, why do you think finger food is not enough? My almost 8 month old has never had any food off a spoon, only finger food, and she's just fine. We deliberately chose not to do spoon-fed purees. Just provide him with finger-food versions of the same stuff you eat (including meat if he's having meat already), and I'm sure he'll do just fine. They're capable of a lot more than we often give them credit for, these babies of ours. Besides, milk is the primary food for the first 9-12 months, we don't need to be shovelling food in them to make them healthy. No food has anywhere near the calorie value of milk.

Hope that helps,

Kirsten smile]

Hey, I know exactly what you are going through, my DS did the same thing at 8-9 months. Went from eating really well to refusing everything off a spoon overnight! We had all sorts of tricks to sneak a spoon of food in - e.g. offering him his sippy cup (when he opened his mouth we snuck food in instead) or distraction (the TV or Daddy doing a dance). But he worked them all out and started to cry when we snuck food in. So we gave up, you just can't make them eat! Instead I got creative with finger food - they can have a complete diet based just on finger food - there are more finger food options than just slices of fruit and vege.

Here's a few ideas:
- Pasta spirals - DS loves these, so I make pasta sauce from fresh veges and stir it and grated cheese through the pasta.
- Sandwiches - my DS went through a phase of loving these - for fillings we used anything that would stick two slices of bread together - mashed vegies, cream cheese, avocado, shredded chicken, even spaghetti bolognaise (ok, that was messy, but he ate it!).
- Mini muffins - I make them at home and add either fruit or do savoury ones with cheese and grated zucchini
- Baked beans
- Avocado - this is great for babies (it was DS's first food) you can mash it and spread it on toast (more nutritious than marmite) or cruskits. Or just offer pieces as a finger food.
- Cheese - my DS likes sticks or grated.
- Mini pikelets - he loves these with sultanas in.
- Yoghurt - he did let us spoon feed him yoghurt on and off, if he wouldn't I dipped his fruit in it.
- Little rissoles - I use mince (lamb, chicken or beef) and grated vegies or just the vegies.

That's all I can think of at the moment. I was worried at first, DS only has two teeth (even at 12 months) but it's amazing what they can chew with their gums. Be prepared for extreme mess.

It may just be a phase - DS will now let us spoon feed him anything at lunch time (we make that his main meal) and yoghurt at anytime of day. All other meals are finger food. He is now spoon feeding himself a bit too.....well sometimes the food goes in his mouth, usually he's so excited when he gets food on the spoon he flaps it off before it get to his mouth, but he is learning.

Sorry for the long post and good luck!

Thanks guys, this has helped alot!!
I guess its just really plunkets idease that have been pushed on me to make me think that he needs to be spoon feed stuff!!!
but good to know that there are others out there and i will just get creative with the finger food
thanks again
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