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2nd bub but have forgotten everything about solids Lock Rss

This is my second baby he is 6 months old I have a little girl also who is almost 3 and a half but am unsure of when to start what to start with tried some baby rice cereal quite a few times but DISLIKES it then tried baby apple thought that was going ok day 4 turned his nose up at it dont no if I am giving it to him at that wrong time of day normally mid morning just before his bottle - dont know if thats the problem he is really wanting his bottle so is turning down solids?????
My little girl loved food the second she realised what food was there has been no going back my little boy on the otherhand is fussey I know it wont happen over night but he seems to need more then formula but just doesn't like anything i am offering him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

melissa,NSW,mum of almost 5 year old and a 2 year

Hi there, my bub is 6 and 1/2 months old and has been enjoying solids since he was 5 months. I was told to offer bottle or breast first at this age and then half and hour later or so offer solids. I started with rice cereal in the morining ( so you can keep an eye on bub all day to see if any reactions), after his bottle. Just a little bit to start off then increase amount before adding a second and third solid meal to bub's diet. After your bub gets the hang of rice cereal add pureed fruit and vegies into there diet introducing one at a time. My bub loves fruit but not too keen on vegies. I just keep trying him with vegies and one day Im sure he'll suprise me. Hope some of this helps you out.

Gill, QLD.

If you think you have forgotten after 3 1/2 years try thirteen years!!!!! My daughter started farax at 8weeks at dinner time and she slept right through and that's all I remember. My son is now 4mths old and has been having farax for about 3 weeks.I give him his farax fist thing in morning then a bottle, he has the pear and banana farax for lunch and a bottle and has normal farax for dinner than a bath and then abottle and is sleeping until 6.30-7am. I went and had his needles the other day and he was the biggest baby there but also the happiest so I think it is o.k anyway I hope this helps.I also hope my memory comes back soon I feel like a first timer!!!!!!
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