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have u tried baby boost(gourmet puree) Lock Rss

hey guys
have u tried that new baby food's called baby boost gourmet puree.i think they're still trying it out.u actually find it in with the yoghurts in the fridge at the supermarket(safeway).they are so so good.i usually make home made baby food & i'm not that crazy abt jarred food & i dont think my son likes it that much.a couple of weeks ago i saw those & thought i'd try them out just to have arest from cooking.they're delicous.they have the same smell,taste & texture f the homemade food i make for my lil one.there are absolutely no additives or maize's true,u can feel it & taste how fresh & pure they are.they only have four varieties.lentils & vegetables,pumkin & potato,pumkin & sweet corn,& brocolli & sweet potato.i cooked him up some chicken & some veal at home & i just add it to the packet after heating for 30 secs in the microwave.just thought i'd shre that with u & wondering if anyone else has tried it.i wish they make more variety though.

randa,vic,26 mth old beautiful boy

I just bought them today. Haven't tried but thought it maybe interesting. The variety is lacking and not in an obvious place. Bought carrot and swede, sweet potato and brocolli. they didn't have any others at Woolworths.

What sort of homemade food do you make for bubs? i haven't started but that could be because I don't know what to do. first time mum and bubs is still young.

Karen, NSW, 5 month baby boy

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