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Fussy baby Lock Rss

Hi i have a 10month old baby girl named Isabel. She will only eat the from 6months pumkin potatoe and beef for dinner. She eats anything in the day its just shes fussy on dinner meals. I have tried nealry everything else and she just wont take it it ends up being all over her face and on her clothes everywhere, A big mess for mummy to clean up. She seems to like finger food she will pick up whats left on her highchair and eat it. Does anyone know any solutions to this very messy problem? Any finger food dinner reciepes?

Bec and Isabel (4th June 2005), Bris

Hi Bec
Mabey just let her eat what she wants at night
As long as she is eating well during the day she might just be happy with milk and potato!!!
if she has a few teeth why not try food she can grab
like steamed vegies(only if she can chew properly)!!!!!!!

best of luck darl

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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