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Sweet/Savoury & Golden Circle 1st foods Lock Rss


Kyla is currently having rice cereal for brekkie and a vegie for tea. We have tried introducing fruit and some other vegies but she hasn't liked them yet. I've read for lunch and dinner bubs should have a sweet and a savoury meal. What are some examples of these? What do you give your bubs?
Also the golden circle 1st foods desserts like the custards etc, do you use them and are they good? Would it be wise to give bubs one of those after her vegies at dinner even though we have not tested for allergies or just wait?
Wow, that is intersting. I only give DD meat and veggies for dinner. I didn't intend to offer sweets, but interesing to hear yuo say that. I'd love to know more actually - if you don't mind.

I introduced new foods earlier in the day so I could monitor for reactions. If you've tried other dairy, then I wouldn't be too stressed about it.

I'd love to hear how you go !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

hi kel
i think what they mean my sweet and savoury, is for example: a vegimite sandwich & yougrt. there for being sandwhich = savoury and yougurt =sweet. this is what my bub has for lunch some days, other days he just has mashed fruit, sometimes he has custard.
My boy loves the custard/gels. i will sometimes give him one after his vegies! Also i sometimes give him a tin of custard mixed with some fruit for lunch!. i have tried the fruit, vanilla, banana, and apple custard but not the egg.
u could also try the farex banana custard, its a powder u just add formula/breastmilk. Luke loves this
the farex and the jars of cusard are all right for 6mths +.
so there u go i hope this helps


I havent heard that either so i am interested too. My DD had vegies or sometimes with meat, rice, couscous etc for dinner and at lunch time she has a jar of jelly or custard or even homemade jelly/custard and she loves a banana for lunch and will eat a whole one.

If you are concerned about dairy in homemade custard use formula, i have and it works just make it as a small amount.

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