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Breakfast? Lock Rss

I am currently trying the new kids weetbix(dd 5.5 months) for breaky after the boring Rice Cereal. I am just wondering what others give their bubs for Breaky?
hi I know breaky is a hard one i give my 8 month weetbix or in the rice ceral i mash ban nana in she loves most morning anyway linda

I am giving my DD rice cereal (She loves the farax pear & apple) which is for under 6mths even though she's 7mths and she also loves weetbix. I found if she would have the plain rice cereal a bit of banana with it helped

I am thrilled with the new weetbix for kids. DD didn't go well on the adult stuff. Its so convienient as well as tasty with some fruit on top. From 9 months I had DD on the baby museli, it was really good. I tend not to vary breakfast much from day to day.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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