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twins problem feeding Lock Rss

hi all, i am a mum of 3..two yo boy kobe and lovely 5mth jesse buster and chelsea belle. born 7 wks prem. they have been shocking feeders.. now on formula and take little (volume) each feed. i am looking for similar stories and hopefully some tips and/or advice smile. have the most fantastic baby whisperer (paedeatrition) spelling?? who says all ok they take what they need . but am always looking for tips ....born oct 2005 f.y.i

Sallie, m.o. Kobe 12/03 Chelsea & Jesse 10/05 S.A.

Sorry Sallie. My girls (5months) seem to be guttses. They have been on 240mls since 3-4months but not always take that much. I had to put them on formula due to lactose intolerance. Now feeding solids and they scream until they get there food. I have to give them a bottle first but they seem to take 6tablespoons and want more each feed. I am so lost in what I am doing.
Talk to your paedeatrician (unsure of spelling) maybe they aren't tolerating bottle feed. One lady I talked to had to breastfeed until 18months approx as her kids wouldn't take to the bottle. Maybe they don't like the formula? Just a few suggestions and maybe something to look into. One of my girls appears not to like S26 - lactose free so will put her back on Infasoy (yuk regarding poos as they are smelly). Anyway hope I was some help. Have you found the AMBA Community Forum (Australian Multiple Birth Association) there also and ask your questions.
Kind regards and lovley to meet another twin Mum.
sorry i can't help just wanted to say that your wonderful for being able to cope with little twins,i'd fall to pieces
good on you!!!

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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