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Dropping a meal Lock Rss

I have only recently started my 7 months old son on solids. It is going ok but I decided to drop a meal. He was just having some fruit in the morning and some veges at night. we also recently started the 2nd meal. He was eating only once a day and around lunchtime..

What I am wondering is.. Is it ok to do this? He weighs 10kg and was much happier today and I only gave him some veges and little bit of yoghurt at dinner time.

What are other babies eating habits like??

Mum to 4 great kids...

I think if your bub is happy and certainly a healthy weight - go for it. Around 7-8 months I had DD on three meals but the amount she would have varied. If she wasn't particularly interested I wouldn't bother so she did skip a few meals. Often I found that it was me getting the timing wrong - LOL. Solids at that age is really only to teach them how to eat so don't feel like you have to give certain amounts. As he burns more energy rolling, crawling, walking (falling - LOL) he may look for more food. Sounds like your doing a great job and have a very healthy baby.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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