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8 month old wont take solids Lock Rss

I am hoping there is someone out there that has been in the same situation as me. my 8 month old daughter still, after 2 months, wont take any solids other than plain Farex rice cereal. I've tries vegies, fruit everything. She is still being breast fed and the last 2 weeks she has stopped taking both sides of the breast, only 1. So I'm worried she isn't getting enough. Is there any harm in only having Farex for a while?
Hi there,

replied to your other post also!

Not too sure if there is any harm in only having Farex for a while. Have you tried perhaps mixing just a tiny bit of mashed food (potato or pear or sweet potato) into the rice cereal to get her to sample just a little bit of a different flavour but in a food that she is used to?

Have you tried your little one on some forumla? Do you think that she is trying to wean herself?

Perhaps if you get really worried you can call your GP? I hope this helps a bit. Good luck and let me know how you go.
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