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How long does it last in FREEZER??? Lock Rss

I am wanting to start my bub on pototoe, pumpkin, carrot, sweet pototoe and zuccini if i steam blend and put in ice cube trays how long does it last in freezer????

Mumma of 3.

Frozen vegies should last in the freezer for about a month. Store (each 3) ice cubes in those small snap lock bags, very easy to defrost.
They should easily last at least a month in the freezer. I put the frozen cubes in air-tight container once frozen to help them last longer. With the potato, you might find it doesn't freeze very well, I did, so now I just zap a small one in the microwave when needed.
hi there.i startd with the icecube trays but once ur bub starts eating more wot i did woz save the sml jars from the custards and fruit gels and i freeze the vegies or woteva in the jars .i also heat them in the micro usually 30 secs and they r fine in the dishwasher well 4 me.
I was told 2-3 months but I rarely go past 3 weeks. That is just how long it takes DD to eat a batch after I do a big cook up. We have two doggies that love any-thing added to their dog bisciuts. Any of DD's food left in the freezer after 3 weeks usually goes to them - LOL.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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