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Wont take full bottles anymore Lock Rss

Hi Girls!
Im hoping that some of you can help me.
Kade is now 5 months (3 months corrected was 2 months premmie).
He feeds as follows:
7am -only been taking 100mls of bottle instead of 200mls.
8am-solids approx 1 -2 tablespoons
11am- bottle anywhere between 150mls & 200mls
3pm- bootle between 180-200mls
5.20pm- solids approx 1 -2 tablespoons
6.20pm -bottle between 150mls-200mls
10.30pm-Dreamfeed 120mls-180mls
2 or 3 am- bottle 120mls

My problem is that i think he is weaning himself off the 7am bottle it is such a struggle to give it to him or could it be that he is still full from his early morning bottle??????
He used to drink 200mls all the time does solids affect this?
i dont think he needs his early morning bottle but i cant get him to settle unless he has it
I thought about stopping breakfast solids but he loves breakfast!
Any advice or suggestions would be great Thanks heaps

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

Hi Kylie
Firstly I would try to cut the 2-3am feed out. You could either go cold turkey and offer water instead or just phase it out slowly by reducing it by 20-50ml every couple nights. Also, Jeb went through a stage of fussing heaps on his morning bottle. He was easily doing 200ml then went to 250ml then all of a sudden I'd be lucky if he took 100ml!!! I now wait 15-30mins after he wakes in the mornings before offering his bottle. This has worked a treat!! It's like he just wants to check out wants been going on since he went to bed or!!! I wouldn't stop his solids at breaky as they wouldn't have any bearing on whether he takes his bottle or not. I'd say getting rid of the 2-3am bottle should fix it a little and just wait a little in the morning for him to want his breaky bottle. Hope my ramblings can help smile
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