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When to introduce orange juice?? Lock Rss

Just wondering at what age do you introduce orange juice or a similar drink. As a first time mum, have no idea.
What are the pros and cons of juice?
Any brands or types better than others for bubs?


Karen, NSW, 5 month baby boy

I'm an anti juice mummy. DD gets lots of fruit and that is way better as far as nutrients go. I have stuck to water and now a bit of cows milk and DD loves both. The cons for me, was DD only ever drinking juice and not liking water at all. I did have a friend that was anti juice which was good to see actually. Her kids are now 6 and 4 and never want soft drink, cordial or juice - they just like water. I have no problem with mums that use it. Often it can entise them to drink from a cup quicker.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


I am slightly 50/50 on this subject! I think it's inevitable that your child is going to be introduced in the REAL world! Sugar is apart of life - I just htink it is important to teach your child how to use it and when it is acceptable!

I have a strict diet when we are at home! Well not really strict - but healthy! Her day consists of different foods including yoghurt, milk, farex, brown bread, fruit, veges, cheese etc.

Unfortunately her family just seems to feel the need to give her sugary items all the time - including juice! I have just made it very clear that if they do give her juice- then it must be watered down considerably - otherwise I know her grandfather will just do it anyway - at least this way he has boundaries......

I have found that the best type to give them if you have too is the ones found in the baby section i.e. golden circle and heinz!

Good luck! Aletha

Arianna, Reagan & Oakley

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