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when to start solids??? Rss

HI, im starting my ds, 5mths on solids. im just not sure when would be a good time to do it. after bm, breky lunch or just as a snack?? any tips would be great! thanks

my first

From memory I think they recommend giving their first solids in the morning so that you can check for any allergies or reactions etc. Most people will offer some farex mixed with breastmilk or formula and make it quite runny at first.

Good luck smile

I started at 11.30 -12noon so allergies could be seen before bed (although he never got any). You can pretty much do what you like as it depends on your feeds, just do am rather than pm when starting new food groups.

Good luck!
I started DS at 8am. He has a bottle at 7am, so left that one hour gap, and then could monitor him for any reactions.

they say a teaspoon 15-20min after the first morning feed and keep feeding the same food up atleast 3days incase of allergies ,so you can figure out what food has caused it...


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