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Can't get 11 month old to eat most of the time! Lock Rss

I need help please, I am having real issues getting my 11 month old to eat breakfast and lunch and sometimes dinner too. She fusses when put in the highchair, opens her mouth for food and then spits it out once she's chewed it a bit. We have tried everything all sorts of food (I make it all so all fresh stuff), finger food, me feeding her with a spoon etc. Today I managed to get 3 spoonfuls of Weetbix into her and one tiny piece of vegemite toast - no lunch - she just spat it out. She will drink her milk and I try to give her snacks throughout the day - but what is with meal time. I'm getting stressed out - any ideas?? Iyts not only when she's teething when she's off her food - it seems to be all the time!!

Louise, Daughter Jessica 21-04-05

Man, you really have it tough. Probably a silly question, but is it linked to the highchair? Just ask in case on off chance she happens to eat better sitting on your lap, on the floor or in her pram.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Join the club!!!
Bree has just started to do it and she is 11 months old today. I only have trouble at breakfast and sometimes lunch but not very often.
Breakfast she won't eat anything except yoghurt. She used to eat weetbix, toast, porridge and sometimes crumpets but not anymore.
Lunch time all she wants is yoghurt and fruit. Healthy i know, but surely she is getting sick of just yoghurt. At tea time she eats very well, but still wants to finish off with yoghurt!!
She has gone back to having more bottles though. I only give her a full bottle in the morniong and at night and only half bottles before she goes down for her sleeps during the day.

I am putting it down to teething. She has four teeth already but has four more very close by! Other than that I have no answers!!

Don't stress, she will eat when she wants to. It's frustrating I know, but what else can yo do. You can't force feed the poor munchkin. My daughter is not liking the high chair either. But she isn't to fond of the car seat either!

Kate, Bree 4/5/05 & Gemma 8/2/07

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