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highchairs? Lock Rss

Hey i just want to know what highchair you use? im currently looking for one and need some help on which ones a good and which ones are a waste of money, there are so many to choose from and would love any suggestions.

Kayla Elizabeth (10/1/06) Mummy''''s Angel

Hi mine is a chicco and I think it is great as it rolls around everywhere but you can also put the brakes on whenever you want. It also adjusts in height. I have also seen some who don't have a high chair they have the seats that connect to your table and these also look good and don't take up as much room.

ayla (4 months), jordan(4yrs), maddys(7yrs)

I got the Stella by Child Care from Target. It was middle of the range, about $150 but will certainly last the distance with 2-3 kids. The features that have come in handy is the locking wheels, cleanability (big factor), bar between the legs (added safety) and its just so solid and sturdy.

I agree, that it is so hard to pick. I am suprised that some of the 'fancy' ones (more expensive) aren't as practical.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My'n is a bertini. I like it because it has a good padded bit that you can remove when bub gets a bit bigger. Locking wheels and recline function are handy too. Cleanability is also a major asset!!
Probably the worst feature is that it is quite bulky, but all in all pretty good.
hope you find one you like, they are great fun for babies, they seem to love being a bit higher up!

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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