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i have never been so desperate for ur help, PLEASE Lock Rss

Hi DS turned 1 last wk, and he is up to 2wks without eating but toast and piklets. I will not touch vegies, fruit, meat, yoghurt, custard. i have tried doing finger vegies, gone back to pureed, i have tried everything. Could it be because he is teething with his molars? He hasnt been sleeping the best either, i tried cutting back his bottles, but nothing is working. Or could this just be a fussy stage? I went to CHN and she said 'dont worry he wont starve himself". Has anyone else had this problem? please help

Your CHN is right it is very rare for a baby to actually starve themselves.

The best thing that you can do is try not to worry so much (easier said then done inno) and try not to force the issue. If you force the issue you could actually make it worse. Do you eat meals with him?? You could try sitting down with him and havingthe same food he is having then after a couple of goes just add something extra to your plate see if he notices if he takes any interest in it put a lil on his plate and just leave it let him play with it if he wants but basically ignore the fact that it is on their and just keep eating it yourself.

If he's eating just toast and piklets have you tried making stuff that has the same kinda texture?? Was just thinking you might be able to get him to eat frittars or something? You might need to pureer the meat and vege that go into it but it basically looks like a piklet. The only other thing i can think of is to maybe get him involved in the cooking. Like mixing the pancake mix (he'll prolly get it everywhere but maybe he'll take an interest if he's actually had a part in making it). I would personally keep his bottles at the same so you at least know he is getting something.. You could actually make his pancakes with the formula if your worried about the nutritional value, I just wouldn't recommend eating those ones yourself.

If it makes you feel any better, my little girl 11 months was eating 3 meals a day, and munching on biscuits. After a bout of illness, which the entire family got, she is now refusing ALL food and meals. she occasionally will eat some cheese, some hot chips (yes bad I know) but will feed herself some cruskits. I cannot even get her to sit in the highchair anymore. The only frustrating thing is that she wakes in the middle of the night for feeds. So I do feel for you, but you are not alone, they are cheeky buggers.
I would definitely keep offering other things, but in the mean time, if you are worried about his nutrition you could vitamise some veges (sweet potato, spinach etc) into a smooth paste and mix the vitamised veges into the pikelet mix. I think it is really important that you don't give up on offerring other things, but at least you would know he was getting more vitamins etc. The other thing to do might be to add pureed apple, mashed banana or other fruit to the mix, and let him get used to the taste again, then offer him the fruit along side or on top of the pikelets. Just some thoughts.

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