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Hi Girls!
I have just started making my own food and this may sound like a dumb question but today i pureed (in the bleneder on puree) potato and it turned out really thick and my bub found it a little tough to swallow. I didnt add anything else am i meant too??? Is it meant to be thick?? i have been using heinz food and it it much more watery. Any suggestions please smile

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

You might like to add boiled water, breast milk or formula until you get the right consistency. Other puree veggies may be too runny eg. zuchini or squash...add rice cereal to thicken it...however don't add rice cereal to every meal as this may cause constipation. Hope this helps....
I pureed potato once and never again. Potatoes have too much starch in them which makes them puree into "glue". Not nice! You try eating it! I just zapped a small potato in the microwave when ever I wanted to give it to Jeb and mashed it really well with a fork. He never liked it plain so always added pumpkin or sweet potato with. This also helped with the freezing.
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