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HELP! 7 month old only wanting solids! Lock Rss

Hi, this is my first post. I have a 7 month old son, who has been on solids from 4 months (doctor's orders) because formula wasn't doing much for him. In the last 2 weeks he has gone from having 4 bottles to 2 bottles, sometimes 3 if we are lucky. He is getting difficult bottle feeding as he shakes his head like he is saying no or arches his back away from the bottle. Has anyone else had the same problem?

With solids, he eats anything and everything! Jars of baby food are no good as he needs to have 2. I try to give him at least one dairy based solid a day instead of the bottle he is missing out on, which is usually yogurt. Otherwise he eats mashed veges or farex with mashed fruit on top.

Should I be concerned about the lack of formula? It's like he is not interested. I'm not worried otherwise because he is thriving in every other way. Thanks in advance.

There's alot more to formula than calcium, giving dairy does not replace the nutrients he gets from the formula... check out the back of the formula tin.

Milk should come first and be the main part of their diet to 9 months.

Space out his solid and milk meals, milk should be offered first and solids at least an hour later. If he's hungry he'll take the milk.
I would think about taking him back to the doctors. If he was not gaining weight with the formula in the first place and is now refusing it, it may be there is something he is allergic to in the formula.

Solids can not provide the nutrients babies need until about 12 mths. As a prev poster said, there is a lot more than calcium in the formula. The saying "food is fun until they're one" is really true, and i would be worried if your little one was missing out. 4 bottles of formula a day is not much, 2 is definitely not enough. I would go back to the dr. In the mean time, can you add formula to his food so he is getting the nutrients (eg in cereal or pureed veges etc)?

At this age ur ds only has to take 600mls of milk per day. So if u can try and get this much into him then he will fine.
My ds is also 7 months. I give him 4 bottles a day. He will drink anywhere from 140mls- 250 mls each bottle. and he has 3 solid meals a day with mt and at snack. smile he weighs 8.5 kilos.
Thanks for your advice. I have not ever been worried about his weight gain as he is a big boy!! What I meant by the formula not doing much for him was that he can drink a large bottle and he will be hungry 30 minutes later...
We had a successful day yesterday, we had 4 bottles and 2 large solid meals and a snack. I did change the teats on his bottle to a faster flow as I thought sucking might be hurting his mouth. I think he is cutting his first tooth as I can feel a sharp bit on his bottom gums.
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