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to sterilise or not to sterilise....... Lock Rss

hi all,

i am going to start my bub on solids soon so will be introducing water as well. this maybe a silly question but do i have to sterilise the sippy cup that they will use?

thanks in advance smile
Once I started solids, I stopped sterilising. Once baby used spoons, bowls, etc which have been washed in the dishwasher, sterilising the bottles and cups seemed pointless to me. Hot water and soap did the job since then.
I agree with TinaV, I stopped sterilising when bubs started eating. I figure they are more mobile by then anyway and are touching all sorts of things that are not sterile then putting their hands in their mouth! Having said that, i still give boiled water, only because i don't think DD needs a case of giardia yet!

And once they start putting every single thing in their mouths....
To me, unless you are sterilising all their toys, rugs, shirts etc, then why sterilise the sippy cup?
The dishwasher is great!
thanks all, i thought this would be the response. makes sense. smile
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