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Heinz lables Lock Rss

Hi all,

Just a request.... i am collecting heinz lables like a mad woman in hope to be able to get a great toy for my 4.5 month old son.
i cannot afford to buy them out right (not a sympathy attempt) so i was hoping that if any of you would be able to send me your lables it would be most appreciated or i can buy them from you at a reasonable price.
I would love for my son to get these excellent toys, any help will be most apprecitated.
email me at [email protected]
thank you in advance

Aleks, SA, 5yr old girl, 9yr old boy&bubs 10.4.04

Heres a tip to all parents...
I was collecting labels for the Heinz 2003 promo and managed to get my daughter a few toys buy bulk buying when the food was on special (as cheap as 50c a tin!).Just cut the barcodes out with a sharp knife/ "mystery" meals.
Also,when the promo is over,DO NOT throw out any spare labels,keep them somewhere safe.
we did this and were able to get some toys out of this years promo for our son!
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