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For those who started solids at 4 months Lock Rss

Hi Mums

DD is 4.5 months and I am going to start giving her rice cereal.

Can anyone tell me about how they went about it - how many times a day and approximately how much? Before, after or during a breastfeed?

I was thinking a little bit at her 11am feed and her 630pm feed. Today i tried it out and she ate about a teaspoon. Baby steps!

Also, what brand did you use and why?

We started my ds at about this age. We have been going for a month. We started on Farex rice cereal the first week. Just a tablespoon mixed with b/milk. I did it after the first morning breast feed. Did this for a week and then introduced a lunch feed. Again after a breast feed. And then the week after that a dinner feed. Also after a breast feed. Not sure why we chose Farex but it seems fine for our son and he loves it. We have introduced a few vegies and one fruit so far. He is loving it. Try a new food every 3 - 5 days to check for allergies and we always did a new food at lunch so if there was a reaction we weren't running around at night to see a dr etc. Things are going well for us except for constipation. Enjoy feeding your dd!

We started solids at 4.5 months. With Farex only and after 1 feed per day. It was only a couple of teaspoons. But after a few days DD seemed bored with that so we added banana and she liked it but since I started using water only instead of her formula to mix with the rice cereal she loves it more. Over time we have gradually increased it. She doesn't like apple from a jar (we've tried that a few times with breaks in between) and I have steamed green apples for her and she couldn't have pulled a more unimpressed face and spat it out quick enough. Her Nan gave her stewed pink lady apples last week and she loved that so finally we have found a second fruit she loves. We had tried adding a 2nd feed for about a week but it was a disaster - not sure of it was the veges she didn't like or wasn't hungry but about to give that another shot now because she seems hungry but won't take anymore milk. Am hoping to have her on 3 solid feeds by the end of this week (she will be 6 months in a few days and I want to establish a breakfast-lunch-dinner pattern with her solids).

Nurse suggested I give her Heinz Organic Rice Cereal instead of the Farex so have started giving her that. As far as DD's taste is concerned there seems to be no difference between the 2.

Until 6 months of age you are really just getting bub to get a taste for things so a teaspoon isn't too small an amount to start with. It's all trial and error (like I've found most things with babies are!).

Good luck and have fun!
As far as brand of rice cereal goes I chose farex first since it is an old trusted brand. Nurse said the Heinz Organic had slightly more nutritional value, I think, and I really trust the advice that this particular nurse gives me so switched based on that. When I compared the packs I am sure that they are manufactured by the same company and the ingrediants were very similar, from memory. I didn't put a lot of thought into it since not a lot goes into rice cereal.

I think we are all different, no matter what age we start them. Milk is their most important source of nutrition until at least 9 months so however you go about it solids should not make up more of their diet than milk; we learned this the hard way with DS1. "Food is fun until they are 1" is the motto we worked to, solids aren't about nutrition in that second half of their first year, it is about getting them used to different tastes and textures.

When we started DS2 he was offered 2-3tsps once a day starting at lunchtime, always 60 minutes after a bf. He was offered every other day the first week, then offered everyday, though I wasn't overly concerned about whether he ate anything. He always had a bf after as well for a "drink". We waited a month before introducing a second meal, and another month to add the third meal. A baby who has time to adjust to the difficulty of learning to digest food other than milk shouldn't become constipated, especially a bf one. This talks about introducing solids to bf babies.

Good luck with whatever you decide. FYI we skipped the farex, which he hated anyway because it inhibits iron absorption in bf babies, and went straight to fruit/veg; he had regular porridge oats from about 9 months. I made everything from scratch and it was a rare occasion that he had anything from a jar; when he did it was almost always Only Organics.

I haven't read the other posts, so sorry if I repeat anything they say! We started our DS on solids at 3.5months under advice. We started with rice cereal mixed with breastmilk for the extra nurtrients. At first it was just at lunchtime, then when he started taking a little more (ie. more than a tbs), we offered it at breakfast, then eventually dinner. I think we had introduced food by then though. We let bub guide us mostly, but like yours he only had about a tsp at first, then gradually increased. You'll know when to increase it. Definately offer the solids after a breastfeed at this age. Milk is still the most important thing & food isn't offered first until about 9month old. They still need the nutrients from breastmilk & you don't want her filling up on solids.
I started using the farex brand, but I don't know if you've tasted it - it is the grossest thing ever!! I then discovered the rafferty's brand & it was soooo much better!! It has no preservatives or additives & tastes heaps better. Bubby liked it better too! It's all I've used since!

My daughter is just over 3 months, and i have started her on solids (she is a very big 3 month old, 68cm, and 7kg or so). She wasnt getting satisfied with her formula, so i tried her on a little bit of farex. she loved that, ate probably 4-6 little baby-sized spoons. I then decided to try her on the heinz organic golden mash. she loves it, so i try to give it to her once a day, about 4 or so little spoons. I had tried her on the sweetcorn and chicken, but my poor bubby got badly constipated, so back to her fave golden mash. i have no problems with the farex or golden mash, but ones with meat products back my little one up.

most people say im feeding her solids too early, but im going with the flow, she watches me eat like a hawk, and when im feeding her her mash, i just put the spoon in front of her mouth and she guides it in by pushing my hand, so effectively, she is feeding herself, im just helping. thats why i am so sure that she is ready.

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