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Breastfeeding once solids have been started Lock Rss

I am currently breastfeeding and have started my 5 month on solids. I just needed to know if i still breastfeed him when he has a solid meal or do i just feed him when he isnt having a meal. eg. I feed him breakfast at 9, then breastfeed at 1, dinner at 5 and breastfeed at 9 and once in the night or should i breastfeed as well as solids? Also do i have to introduce other drinks other than milk?

after a solid meal he should be offered the breast if he doesn't want it he'll let you know, but it should be offered,
Solids at this age are not about replacing milk feeds, it is about getting them used to different tastes and textures and that's it. Milk should ALWAYS be offered first until at least 9 months and solids at least 45 minutes after. DS2 would have a bf after his solids for a "drink".

This talks about solids and bf babies. The quicker you introduce solids, the more likely you are to end up with a constipated baby. DS2 started at 7 months and he was 10 months before he was on 3 solid meals a day and he was never constipated; we worked to the motto "food is fun until he is 1". You should wait at least 3 days between each introduction of a fruit/veg to check for reactions and 1-2tsps is more than enough in the early days. You can introduce water if you like, however DS2 wouldn't drink heaps of it until he was 12 months and he used to bf for a drink as well as for food.

I agree with jamesmum. Solids are not there for nutrition, just for exploring! Breastmilk should be first and foremost especially at 5 months old.

We did babyled solids so it is a bit different if you are offering purees. If I was going the puree way though I would offer solids after bf. Solids should not replace a bf at this age.

All the best!
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