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How long do you give rice cereal for?? Lock Rss

Evening ladies,

DS is almost 6 months so I thought it was time to start him on rice cereal, so he can get use to the texture before starting him on pureed vegies. Well he doesn't really like it, he did to start with now he just doesn't want any. First I thought it was too thick so I make it a bit runnier, but that hasn't made a difference.He doesn't want a bar of it.

I was just wondering how long do you persist with the rice cereal before starting pureed vegies? Could it be that he doesn't like the flavour of the cereal or that he isn't ready for starting solids??


If your DS isn't accepting rice cereal, try avacado as a first food. It's actually a common misconception that rice cereal is the perfect first food and can actually cause constipation in babies.

Here is a little section from the Wholesome Baby Foods website;

Best first food for baby - alternatives to baby rice
There are a range of other foods that may make a good alternative to baby rice as a first food. Remember, though, that not all foods are suitable for all babies and you should check with your doctor first, as he is familiar with your baby's family history.

* Homemade rice cereal using brown rice is more nutritious than most commercial cereals, which are usually made with white rice.
* Oatmeal (porridge) or barley cereal (these may contain traces of gluten and may not be suitable for babies under 6 months of age). You can see our baby oatmeal recipes here.
* As discussed earlier in this article, meat is now considered by many to be an appropriate choice for baby's first food. See How to Introduce Meat to Baby for more information.
* Bananas - creamy, sweet and nutritious, they make a superb first food. Read our Banana Baby Food information and recipes here.
* Avocado - we call it 'nature's perfect baby food'. Find out why!
* Apples or pears - nutritious fruits that are gentle on the tummy, apples and pears are popular first choices for baby.
* Sweet potato - one of the healthiest foods on the planet, sweet potato is steadily growing in popularity as a nutritious first food. Read out sweet potato baby good guidelines and recipes here
* Butternut squash - packed with nutrients, butternut squash cooks to a wonderful texture for baby food. Read our butternut squash information and cooking tips here
* Carrots - a popular first food, carrots are high in beta-carotene and easy to digest. See our homemade carrot baby food recipes here

Ultimately, the choice of the best first food for YOUR baby is yours to make, under the guidance of your pediatrician.

Whilst this article does not provide all of the answers, we hope that it has given you some useful information to help you make the best choice for your child... and to realize that baby rice cereal is not the ONLY first food available to your little one, but is merely one of a range of alternatives.

And here is a link for you to find more about avacado as a first food;

Have you ever tasted the rice cereal?! It's gross!! I wouldn't eat it either!! I gave a little bit of fruit with it quite quickly for that reason. That helped heaps. Also I found with my DS he preferred the Rafferty's brand over the farex brand. Maybe you can try switching??

I skipped the rice cereal altogether - try it, it's revolting. Ds started on avocado (I mxed it with EBM), then moved onto carrot, then sweet potato etc..

As a pp has said there is no reason to start with rice cereal. Appart from the awful taste, the iron in it makes many bubs constipated.

Thanks all for the help (even though i wasnt the original poster). I have started my boy on rafertys rice cereal and he liked it to begin with. Now i find that everytime he sees it he tends to squirm around and closes his mouth. He will eventually eat it but i feel its just cause i do persist and im sure he is hungry. Maybe the reason that he is squirming and not really wanting it may be due to constipation. I'm going to skip the cereal i think. Replace it with fruit

rice cereal is like eating glue. Its bland and it clogs their gut. It is essentially a marketing gimmick, so totally unnecessary to use. Yes it is high in iron. But that is only important if your baby is iron deficient. The iron in it is not easily digested and most of it is wasted.
If he doesn't like it, I wouldn't bother persisting!

All the best!
my DS hated the farex but didn't mind rafferty's brand. it is available in banana or apricot flavour, and it is slightly better tasting (although still a bit cardboardish).

in the end i gave up with the rice cereals (they ended up thrown on the floor anyway) and just gave him pureed pears/apples/pumpkin. he didn't have any issues with these.

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