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how much is your 7 month old eating? Lock Rss

Hi Mummys

I'm just wondering if you guys can let me know what your 7 month old is eating (or was when they were this age). We have started Jordyn on solids for about a month and are just curious as to how much and at what feeds you guys feed your little ones.

Also what feeds to you give them bottles and how much in the bottle? Just lately Jordyn has been waking up about midnight and seems to be rather hungry, maybe she needs an extra feed during the day?

Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

Hi Rebecca

My son is 7 months old as is a great eater. He has 4 bottles a day with about 150 mls in each bottle. I give him his bottles about 1/2 - 1 hour before each meal. The last bottle he has before going to bed at 7pm.

For breakfast I give him baby muesli with fruit mixed in, then I give him 1/2 a piece of toast with Vegemite on to get him used to feeding himself and also to get him used to the chewing motion.

Lunch time I give him anything I can think of; custard with fruit, spaghetti, noodle soup and again I finish him off with something he can hold and eat himself, like a piece of banana.

Then for dinner he has meat and vegies that I've precooked and mashed up. And if I think he needs it I might give him a bit of fruit to finish.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

Debs, NZ, Mum to Rory born 19/01/04

Hi Rebecca,

I feed my seven month old daughter 4 bottles a day and she drinks about 170ml, sometimes she doesn't even drink all that.

As for solids, I feed her multigrain cereal and a bit of toast with vegemite for her to munch on while I get ready, then for lunch she'll have a tin of fruit & for dinner she'll have mashed meat & vegies that I have prepared.

Usually her last or 4th bottle of the day before bed is about 200ml so she'll sleep through the night.

She also sometimes get a biscuit during the day just to keep her happy.

It seems like a lot of food for someone so little doesn't it...


Britt vic 7mth girl

Hi Jordynsmum,
I have a now eight month old daughter who has been on solids on daily basis for about 1 to 1 1/2 months now. I found she ate different amounts every day. Now i just feed her on demand. She is still breast fed and would have three to four feeds per day and anywhere between two and four small meals (solids) a day. I found all I could do was just offer her the food, if she eats it good, if not back in the fridge for later. As for night waking I am under the impression that hunger is rarely the case for night waking and is usually associated with teething. I read this in a baby book whether it is true I'm not really sure. You know your baby better than anyone else and I'm sure you are giving your baby Jordyn exactly what s/he needs. Mum always knows best.
Good luck Alysha.
I have a 7 1/2 m.o who is established on solids.
He has 3 bottles a day 200mls.
Breakky- 1 1/2 weeetbix and 1/2 piece of toast and some juice.
Morning Tea- Bottle
Lunch- yoghurt and fruit or cheesestick and sandwich and juice
Afternoon Tea-Bottle
Dinner- homemade meat and vegies, 1/2 tin of custard and juice
Bed Time- Bottle.
Sometimes might have a arrowroot bikky during the day .
I hope this helps and Im sure your doing a great job!!
Hi Britt,

I am just curious... When did you start your little one on all of these foods?

I have a 6month old boy and he still has no teeth. I am just so scared in trying new things as when i do try him with lumpier foods esp mash potatoe he gags and nearly chokes. I dont make it too lumpy and he still does this..

I am a first time mum and I just find it hard in knowing when what I should do next...

DO you have any advse??


[email protected]

Tan,QLD,Connor 2, Mackayla 2wks old

my 7mnth old lil girl is on 4 breastfeeds per day, and is eating 3 regular meals daily, always at the same time as to get her into routine. She eats 6 large ice blocks of food I have prepared earlier, as I find this saves time.
Brekky: Fruit, finely chopped(I use food processer)I give her everything from cooked apple to raw strawbs and kiwi fruit(not to much as its quite acidy), I always mix these with farex so she gets her Iron(farex is inriched with iron, 1tbs=2whole weetbix)
Lunch: I give her about the same amount but I mix it up from yoghurt to vegies...what ever I can find
Dinner: She gets 6 ice blocks again, but always a mixture of meat(stews etc) and vegies
I'm also feeding her, her solids before her breastfeed except for the morning feed, as to slowly start to ween her(I don't intend on weaning her till she's 12months).

renee, Qld,mum to Caitlyn 25/2/04 grin


I'm pretty much the same as the previous messages. Cereal in the morning @ 4 tblspoons mixed with formula, then some toast, then bottle, only drinks about 60mls. Lunch is either veges, sandwiches, pasta, fruit, then another bottle and sometimes only has @ 50 mls or could have 100ml. Anytime from @ 3-3.30 i give her another bottle which she usually takes 200ml, then dinner at 5.30-6.00 meat, veges etc, then about 7.30 her last bottle of @ 200mls. Some days she eats heaps, others hardly anything. One thing to remember and to note is that all babies eat different amounts to others. My daughter is 8 mths and weights 7.3kg, she eats alot less than other bubs in my group. I just tend to give her what she'll take.

Julie, mum to Abby 05/02/04 & Joel 12/04/07

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