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Honest Opinion...DD's eating? Lock Rss

I went to a new playgroup today and was bailed up by another mother for half an hour. She has a son a month older than DD and she was saying I was going to make DD fat by feeding her to much (she is a skinny little thing now). She also made comments about how I wasn't offering healthy food and was only feeding her junk. Made me feel like crap.

So honestly, this is what DD had yesterday and tell me if it is too much or unhealthy? She is 2yrs and 2 months btw.

2 pieces of toast with Vegemite
1 cup porridge with a tsp jam for flavour

Morning Tea:
1 corn thin
1/4 cup sun dried sultanas

2 slices ham
2 slices of cheese
1/4 cup home made coleslaw
4 apricot halves (canned)

Afternoon Tea:
1 cup yoghurt
1/2 an apple

Curried Sausages (about 1 sausages and 2tbls peas)
1/2 cup mashed potato
1 corn on the cob
1/4 cup carrot sticks

Apparently I shouldn't be giving her ham or sausages, or corn thins and she should be having children's yoghurt instead of the stuff in 1L tubs...
Who the hell is she to pass judgement on what you feed your kids??

Your DD's diet sounds really well rounded and healthy, energy giving food!

*throws arms up in the air* that woman is a tosser!!
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sounds good to me. id be happy if my DS1 eat that. (at the moment he is still going through a not eating stage arrr.)

sounds so nice and filling. makes me want some yogurt
Not a problem with any of it in my book. I think it's all good.

Sausages and ham are amongst the few things DS will try to eat and the dietitian at the Childrens hossy says not a problem! Nothing wrong with corn thins either.

And adult yoghurt tends to be lower in sugar anyway. Toddler yoghurt is just a gimmick.

Try to just ignore her...

Easier said than done I know.

That actually makes me worried as to what and how much she's feeding her son if she thinks you're giving your DD junk and too much food!

I'd be getting the healthy food pyramid from the net, printing it out and giving it to her, whilst suggesting that she do some research before talking crap about something she obviously has no idea about!

She's made me angry just by reading this!! LOL
i agree with PP, tell the lady to bugger off

your DD is the same age as mine and what you are giving her is pretty much the same as what i give mine including the yoghurt from the 1L tubs lol

none of the stuff you have listed sounds like 'junk' at all
I think that's pretty healthy, the only thing I can think of re the ham is that it is high in salt and fat - but as a sometimes food its fine.... but still where does she get off giving you a lecture about your DD's diet!

There's nothing wrong with normal tub yoghurt or corn thins - they are low in salt & fat so whats the problem there?? My 3 year old has them as a snack.
I was pretty annoyed but being my first time there I didn't want to make waves. I don't know if I will bother going again honestly, there is another group at the same place tomorrow and in her words "are mostly young single mothers who know nothing about parenting". LOL might fit right in seeing as I seem to know nothing about feeding my child.
WOW how rude is she!!! OMG
What a judgmental wanker!!
I'm sooo angry with this woman now! PMSL

I wouldn't bother going back to that one, seeing as she's such a tosswinkle.
She'd make it a very painful experience!
I think that's not a bad diet. It's good that she is eating some vegies. At the moment dd1 is lucky to eat any meat. She mostly eats sausages and the odd sausage roll or pie. Now she gets a party pie once a week if that because it's not the best food, same with sausage rolls. I really don't think you can over feed a kid that age, unless you are giving them lot's of junk and they are eating for the wrong reasons. She is eating alot but she's just building up for the next time she decides not to eat for you and gives you the oposite worries. Sick the hearing aides in around that woman.
Crikey, what a judgemental cow

Tell her to rack off ... sounds like a perfect case of MOTY syndrome to me. What you describe as your daughter eating is not 'junkfood' in my book - I think junkfood as chips, lollies, cordials etc - which are fine in moderation too just not part of an all day diet LOL
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