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white bread vs brown bread Lock Rss

Hi all,
We are brown bread eaters in our family and i notice that our Plunket nurses encourage us to use white bread for bubs. I have read some feedback by you Aussies too and was wondering if you guys get told this too? and why is this? I belive that if you give to much fibre it decreases the iron absobtion of meals by 50% but if you giving toast, whats the deal?

What do you know? and why is it important to give full fat milk products such as milk and yogurt (havent been to this session yet) and like many house holds, we live of Low fat stuff

Grateful for any response to these questions

Have a great evening all


kiwi, 12/10/05

Hello LGM

I am not sure that I have the answer but you have led me to do a bit of research about this topic.

I think you will agree that everyone has their own opinion, doctors think they are right, nurses think they are right, and nutritionist have their own opinion too. (Not even going to start with mums 2 cents tongue)

I think your son is coming up to 6 months now (according to your profile). Well I think that you have a while yet before he start eating bread. First of all he needs some teeth to chew it with and secondly bread can make most kids choke if they can't swallow it properly. It is recommended that kids dont have bread till 8-10 months.

When he does start eating bread I think you should alternate between breads. There are so many kinds on the market today, white, brown, fibre plus, calcuim plus, omega 3, etc. As long as its a soft bread with no grains or seeds it should be fine.

The Huggies site actually recommends that kids should eat all kinds of bread for the different nutritional values.

As far as the milk issue goes...babies/children need full fat milk for the calcuim to build strong healthy bones. Low Fat milk is watered down and the nutrient levels change.

Hope this information helps you!

Sentara - Stephanie Ava 17/10/05, Perth, WA

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