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Struggling with Breakfast Lock Rss

My DS is almost 1 now & I am having trouble with him eating his breakfast. He's always offered a bottle on waking, then has his breakfast after this. I'm finding though, that he'll only have a small bottle (about 100mls of which he'll drink about 60mls), then will barely touch his breakfast. He just doesn't seem hungry in the mornings - even on nights that he sleeps through & doesn't require a bottle overnight. Has anyone else experienced this?? Is it normal & what did you do??

From around 10 months you can start offering breakfast before a milk feed so maybe try offering him his breakkie first?
Milk is considered a food and can interrupt his appetite for solids so at his age maybe try cutting down his milk to just a bedtime bottle if he's happy to.

Good luck smile

You could start to offer breaky before the milk around now, yeah.

Also, perhaps just keep trying different types of breakfast. Since establishing the eating solids, I have offered my DD (now 10&half mths) a range including: apricots & samolina; porridge with apple & pear; weetbix & milk, and sometimes banana.

The old saying of "every kid is different" is very true. My (older) nephews went thru a stage of ONLY eating breakfast. They would eat 6-7 weetbix, then hardly anything at all the rest of the day.

Perhaps try the food before milk thing first - could just have a small appetite and is being filled up with the milk.

p.s. happy birthday to your DS for next week!!

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umm I would drop the morning bottle. I would offer breakfast first with everyone if at all possible.

If then they dont eat offer fruit/vege/salad/yoghurt and glass of milk for morning tea.

If you are worried about what they eat keep a food diary over two weeks. Include everything eaten and when and then look back over it. At this stage it is about the whole picture. Normally around that age i have found most kids go into a very snacking stage. So doesnt seem to eat main meals but just snacks. Providing that you are offering your bub healthy snacks it kind of all works out.
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