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Baby not interested at all in solids at 8 months old Lock Rss

I have a 2 year old SON who took to food instantly at 5 months. This baby is totally different, and have delayed solids until 6 months. The thing is it's almost impossible to get the spoon in his mouth, either his tongue is in the way or he's busy navel gazing. He's a bit behind my other child in most things and so have not forced the issue, however he is drinking about 1000ml of fomula a day. How late is too late for him to "Get' eating from a spoon.?His fine motor skills aren't very good and so finger food is not working either.I stopped altogether for 2 weeks, and when i tried again the same thing happens.When you actually manage to get some in he seems to quite enjoy it! should i give up and wait another month? Or soldier on?

Brooke,Vic,Sullivan 27 months Lincoln,7 1/2 months

I would say soldier on. ALL babies develope at different rates as I am sure you are aware. Keep on trying, one day it will all just click for him. It might be a lil frustrating for you but as with every trying situation.........this too shall pass.

Maybe try a different spoon, it may not sound trival but anything is worth a go right.

Good luck


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

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