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9 ths old how much food and mild feeds in one day Lock Rss

hi my baby is 9 mths old and only wonts mild morning and night i dont realy now how much he should be haing at this age and how much solids he seems to wake evry 2-3 hours at night when he did sleep all night aprt from the dream feed 11.00

what kind or rutine can i get him inti and when should i feed him how much food

and mild

can any one help thanks

mother of 3

hi ther any chance he is teething is that y he may b bub is 10mths and only had 350mls of formula 2day.he had 2 weetbix 4 breekkky a bit of youghurt 4 lunch didnt want dinner or his bottle.he is teethin so hard to know one day he will eat all day long and the nxt he may not want to eat at all.ive just been going with the flow.
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