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My nearly 7 month old has been on solids since 4 1/2 months. A few weeks ago she started having 3 solids a day and 4 bottles.

For the last week she's been opening her mouth to eat but then spitting the food straight out. It doesn't matter what I give her she spits everything out.

I thought it might be teething but that normally effects her drinking her bottles and she's taking them fine. I used to give her solids either before or just after her bottle but have even tried waiting about an hour and still no go.

After a couple of days of this I took her to the doctor. He said her throat was a little red but after this long I'm not really sure that's the problem. She doesn't have a temp or anything. She's her usual happy self, playing etc and she's drinking her bottles

Any suggestions?

I am finding my 11 month odl is going through the same thing! She does eat ocassionally but not all the time and I think it maybe causing her to wake a couple of times through the night for a bottle! She will eat off our plate, and don't mind her doing that but it does become a hard thing to do when she won't sit still in her high chair!

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My 7 month old has just gone through the same thing, she also started solids at 4 months and loved her food. She stated to only eat her breakfast, half her lunch and about one spoonful of dinner, no matter what I gave her, she was also unsettled at night (but she has never been a good sleeper), everyone was telling me it must be her teeth, I did not believe it until I got up one morning with the start of a tooth popping out of her gum!.
She then got a second one straight away, its taken about 2 weeks for her appetite to come back to what it was.
She had no typical teething symptoms accept being off her food.
I also tried to feed her off my lap & she would take a little more but still not her normal lunch or dinner.
Good luck, lets hope it just something simple like a tooth waiting to pop out!

My 7 1/2 month old baby only started her solids at just before 6 months and also took to them really well. Over the past coulple of weeks she's been very hit and miss with her meals. Some she'll get into like she hasn't eaten for weeks then others she spits out all over the place or simply refuses to open her mouth to accept any food. I wasn't sure if it was teething or just a phase she is going through? Hopefully things will get better for you.

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HI Briony
Tayla is doing this at the moment as well. She does this every now and then, but usually gets back to eating better. She actually eats all her food when her dad feeds it to her. Maybe she is just sick of the sight of me.Ha ha

I think I figured Olivia's problem out. She likes her bottle too much and was filling herself up on formula. I cut down the amount in her bottle and now she eats her food really well.

She was drinking heaps more formula than she needed so now she's still getting what she needs (and a bit more) and also eating her food.

As for her Dad, sometimes she drinks and eats ok for him but sometimes she just messes about and I end up taking over when he gets frustrated.

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