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why won't he eat my food? Lock Rss

Ok so J has been on solids for about a month now. He is happy to chew on a orange and eat jar food but won't touch my home made stuff. He starts spitting it out and grabbing the spoon of me and everything. When I give him the store brought stuff he will eat heaps but when it is my cooking he dosn't want a bar of it. I wouldn't have a problem with this but now he is starting to wake at 2am for a bottle and then again at 5. HE is so hungry and wants breakfast 1 hour after his bottle. Any ideas on how to get him to eat my food. I have tried making it really runny giving him a few lumps.


How old is he? What kind of things are you offering? Can you do a version of the jarred food that he will eat? DS2, since starting solids has basically eaten what we've eaten with the odd jar if we are out or when the power is out and we can't make dinner. LOL

Did you know that it can take up to TWENTY offerings of something before a kid decides whether he likes something or will even try it? DS2 wouldn't eat sandwiches for I can't remember how long but every now and then I'd offer one and now he gobbles them up.

He will only eat what you offer him so if you want him to eat your food then you need to only offer him YOUR food. If he needs more milk to make up the fact that he won't eat what you give him then he should be fine.

DS2 is nearly 2 and we have nights where trying to get him to eat his dinner is a challenge and our rule is he eats what he's offered or he doesn't eat, but he is older and it's not impacting on his sleep.

I have 3 kids and none of them have or will eat "my food". I even tried putting my food in the jar and then giving it to them..nope..still didn't work. I even tried other people's puree food and nope still won't.
SO...I gave them jar/tin food til they were about 7-9 mths old.
After that they would eat my food which was finger food and mashed food.
My kids are healthy kids. Tin/jar is okay. My kids love their food. Having jar/tin food is not as bad as people make out.
And the waking up for a bottle bit, it could be a growing thing. But there is no reason to not give him jar food if he is hungry.

Mum to Three!!!!!

i agree there is nothing wrong at all with jar/tin food. my problems the other way around, i wish now and then DS would just eat a jar of something i didnt need too cook! the grass is always greener! lol
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