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When to introduce meat? Lock Rss

My 61/2 has been on solids for a month. He is eating fruit & Vegeies and loving it! Was wondering when do you start with meat? What meats do you start with? How do you cook the meats?
Any suggestions would be great.

In the information I have read about introducing meat your baby should be able to tolerate it from 6 months onwards. My daughter didn't start solids until she was 6 months and now at 7 1/2 months had her first taste of meat last night. I cooked a piece of lean beef steak in a non-stick frying pan (so I didn't have to add oil or butter) for 3-4 minutes each side, then I cut it into strips and blended it in the food processer adding boiled water to get it to a paste consistency. She loved the taste of it but we still found it a little dry so I mixed it into her vegetables and she ate it all up! You can also use caserol and pasta sauce meats and blend it to the correct consistency for your baby. Hope this helps.

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Hi Casper

I think it is OK to give meat to your baby from about 6 months or so. I gave Ashlee her first taste of meat at about 8 months cos I wanted her to get used to the fruit and veges first.

I used to give Ashlee finely chopped pieces of roast beef and chicken as well as bolognese and casserole meat. She loved it and still does!

I found that it was good to mix a little gravy with the meat to make it a bit easier to eat.

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Hi Ladies

Im wondering if you actually puree the meat or just shred it finely?? Tayla is still a bit funny with coarse food, but loves the puree.
hi my son in nearly 8mths and has been having meat for the last month.He loves it. I use either lamb chicken or beef and just cut it into cubes with pumpkin sweet potatoe zucanni carrots any vegie really.Add some stock to just cover and cook it in the oven on slow for about 5 or so hours.The slow cooking makes it so tender and then l just puree the lot.He can't get enough of it.I sometimes add pasta barley or rice aswell.I have also tried tuna but he was'nt as keen so I will try that later.Hope that helps.
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