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My little boy has just turned nine months and I am having little to no luck at all with giving him solids. The odd accasion he will willingly eat but 99% of the time he refuses. He will chew (suck) on a slice of toast or chew on a rusk, but when it comes to other food, he flat out refuses. (I have tried all foods from fruit, vegies to custards)
I am still feeding him and he is very healthy, but my doctor said he should be eating by now. What he should be doing and what he does are 2 very different things.
Anyway I was just wondering, has anyone else had this problem? And is breastmilk enough for him?

Your opinions would be great!
Thanks Karen

baby boy, 12/03

Hi Karen!

my little girl emily has not been a big solids fan either! i have learnt that she is stubborn and will only eat things that she can feed herself, she wont take anything from a spoon! (she is nearly one). I have been worried about whether she is getting enough, as she also chews and sucks on toast etc then spits it out, so i went to my doctor to make sure she is doing ok (she is only a skinny little thing too) he said she is perferctly healthy and that breastmilk provides alot of nourishment, so ive stopped worrying so much, my only advice is, if he's happy and active and putting on weight just take things as he wants to, he'll let you know if hes hungry!! if you are still worried go and see your doctor for more advice and a check up!

best of luck!!
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maybe if you wanted to get him to eat more you could look at when are you offering him food, ie is he hungry enough to want it or is he too full of milk.
Thanks so much for your replies. I feel better for sure. All I can do is keep on offering and be patient. Knowing that he is healthy is a sign that he is getting all he needs.

Once again Thanks

baby boy, 12/03

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