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Constipation Lock Rss

I have an eight month old daughter who has been constipated on and off for over a month. She has been taking solids since 6 months but has only recently been eating them every day (since the constipation started). I have tried every thing to stop this reoccuring, can anyone else help me. We avoid all foods that can cause constipation, I have tried adding prune juice to her food, then raw sugar lastly we added bran - no luck with that. She has been eating blended prunes, drinking extra water, taking coloxil drops three times a day. After all this we have to resort to depositries once a week, she then does one stool then one the next day then..........nothing again. So the circle starts again. Will she grow out of this? Does anyone have an idea on what else I could try?
thank you
HI Alysha

My little girl has been constipated this week too, but it doesnt sound as bad as your situation. I would recommend that you stop the suppositries as they can cause a lazy bowel. I find the only thing that really works is too give lots of water during the day with a bit of brown sugar, and also to give a tummy rub. By this i mean a massage, just gently circling two fingers in a clockwise motion on her belly. Also, you can buy babies acidophilus from the health food shop/chemist and that is meant to make the poo a bit softer. It is so terrible when they are badly constipated. My girl was actually crying when she was doing her business! It must have been quite painful. Hang in there.Let us know how you go with it
Hi Alysha,
I have found the yoghurt makes a huge difference to my daughter, I get the Jalna one as it seems to work better and Paige likes it more, I've also found that water or juice seams to make a difference, however your little one seems to have it bad.
I was also told to hold off on Bananas all together when their constipated, and to even hold off on rice cereal for a few days.
Good luck
My little girl is now 5 months, since starting formula at the age of 8 weeks she has slowly become more and more constipated. We have started solids with her recently and this problem has turned into a night mare. I bought a mixture from the chemist to give to start with which was a maintenance mixture to help keep her depositries soft.. but i have now changed over to giving her watered down heinz prune juice, it was works a treat. (so far so good).

Jayne, #1 Chloe 15/05/04

I have a similar problem with my almost 9 month old. I've also been trying coloxyl, prune juice and suppositries. The only way she seems to go at all without the suppositries is to eliminate all of the baby cereals from her diet, along with using the coloxyl and prune juice.

Good luck - I would be interested in hearing if you have found anything that works.

mum to 2 girls

Thank you for your reply. We started my daughter a few weeks ago on a laxitive called parachocs we used this and suppositries for around 2 weeks, and so far she has been regular for a further 2 weeks. I still have an extra bottle in the cupboard just incase though. Hope this can also help you.
Hi Alysha,
You poor thing, my son has never had to go through anything quite so bad. I was worried at one stage and rang the 24 hour help line to ask, I was just being a bit paranoid. You haven't said if you breast or bottle feed? That's what my prob was, it is apparently quite normal for no poo for a couple of days if breastfed and nothing to worry about.
I find if I pack the scoop for the formula too tight, that my son gets problems, you just need to skim it off the top. I always add just a little (teency bit) extra water than I am supposed to and his poos come out nice and easy.
My MIL helped me one day, she used to roll up a warm & damp face washer and place it on the babies lower backs and lower tummies and then just give a nice gentle rub.
I also try different combinations of ingredients in my solids. A great recipe book I found is a little book Health for Life baby and toddler by jody vassallo, as with all books there are some weird ideas and great ideas, use your own judgement, but EJ has no troubles with the foods I make him from this book.
Hope everything gets better for you soon.

Jennifer 14.04.98, Eric 25.02.04, Gabriel 25.07.05

hi i'm a 19 year old mother to an 8 month old son, dylan, he has had bowel preoblems since he was a few months old. to the piont of abcess's around his anus. my gp recommended coloxil drops then referred me to a peadiatrician and he suggested the coloxil doesn't always work for all babies, he recomended i try actilax. the bottle says to get doctors advice before using like most things say. but i was told by the peadiatrician that actilax holds in the water your baby consumes so it makes the stool alot softer. dylan has been on actilax now for 2 weeks at the most and is pooing everyday (he used to go once every 4-5 days) and its alot easier for him. just need to make sure they drink plenty of water. i also use pear juice it was the only thing that made a difference other than the actilax. good luck.

Des smile
Hi, my son also has the problem of being constipated....I think most babies would at some stage unfortunately... I was told to try brown sugar in mixed in to a bottle of cooled boiled water....maybe try 1/4 teaspoon to 80ml of water....this worked with my son...I know its sugar and thats a no-no but it only may need to be done once or twice...
Hope this helps. Em
P.s. vary the sugar to water ratio as you feel comfortable with.

Mum to Jai and Chase!

Hi Alysha,
There is nothing more hearbreaking than seeing your little one in pain with constipation.

My little girl also suffered from constipation and it was due to the formula I gave her . I originally have given her S26 Birth and then was told by my local health nurse to give her S26 PROGRESS (big mistake). She was in alot of pain for 1 day so I quickly rang the 24hr maternal health nurse service and was advised to: place boiling water over 3 prunes in a bowl for about 5 - 10 minutes, then place them in a saucepan and simmer for 5 minutes, allow to cool and offer only 3 teaspoons of the softended prunes with the liquid. I found the next day she was back to normal.
The nurse also advised me that when she was straining with her bowel movements - I should get her in a sitting/squatting position in my arms.

I also massage her tummy in a clockwise motion if her bowel movements sometimes are a bit hard.

All the best.
are here poos pebbly and really hard?....if not she may not be constipated and just be a baby that does not poo every day...?


Liam Evan, 2

Hi alysha

When my daughter Storm was constipated I would boil her some pure chamomile tea. Not the one you get already packaged fromby the super market but the one from the health food store. You can buy it in a pack of loose chamomile flowers all you have to do is put a pinch of chamomile in to a pot with water bring it to the boil add some sugar and alow it to cool. then sift the flowers from the water and put into bottle or glass however your baby likes it and hopefully she will enjoy it.

works wonders to when baby has an upset tummy.

hope this helps let me know.

Storm 21/04/04,Blade 21/09/05 + one on the way

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