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Asian Greens Lock Rss

Hello there,
My baby girl is nearly 7 months old and has a good appetite for her solids, especially vegetables and mmmm..... banana (yummy). I was wondering if anyone has read/knows about feeding Asian greens to babies. Since they are so rich in nutrients, would they be good for their little bodies or too potent with their high density of nutrients? Everywhere I've looked, everyone talks about potatoes, pumpkin, carrots etc. Never about these nutritional gems. Please help!

Evia, 2nd time mum

I would say that is just because of our 'food culture'. While now a big part of our adult diet in this country, we haven't progressed to feeding them to our babies. I would think they would be comparible to spinach or silverbeet etc which are fine for babies. If you are really concerned, try some research on Google or something. I am glad you posted this actually, because my little one starts solids soon, and asian greens would be a great nutrient source, I think. There must be someone out there who has tried them with baby? Bring it on ladies...

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

i think with greens it is getting them to the consistency that they can eat them. when they first start eating, pureed food is about all they can handle, but when they get older it would be easier to prepare greens. i have heard of silverbeet etc with a cheese or white sauce
I assumed you were talking of pureeing them into other veges or on their own. This is what I would do. The texture would be a little too much early on, and the flavours, too, are quite strong. I'd mix the puree into some more palatable veges.

Domestic Goddess Mum of Four!

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