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When to introduce tomato or cheese products Lock Rss

I have read all sorts of conflicting advice on what to introduce and when. Does anyone know the right age to introduce tomato products (fresh or sauces) or soft and hard cheese. I have been putting a little melted cheese with my 8 month old's veges as he just loves it, but am not sure whether I am doing the right thing. I would also love to give him mushed up baked beans.

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Hi Sue

I have had a look at my info it says you can give tomatos without the skin and cheeses like cottage or mild cheddar from 6- 9 months. I have been making my little girls veges with a bit of tomato paste since about 5 months she loves it I hade the one with herbs only one day and put that in she loved it. You can also start using garlic from about 6 months also if you like. My baby is now 6 1/2 months and she loves it when I put a little cheese with her chicken and veges. Hope this helps

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