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7mths wont eat Lock Rss

I am getting very worried about my 7mth old girl I have been trying to introduce solids to her since she was 4mths - rice cereal was first. I tried banana and apple - didnt like it - I tried pumpkin, potatoe sweet potatoe custard but she will not eat anything. I am beside my self and dont know what to do next. She has never had a bottle and is completely breast fed. Help anyone
Hi Donna3

Our babies eating patterns are always a real concern to us aren't they! I feel for you!

When are you offering the food? If it is directly after breastfeeds perhaps you have a really good milk supply and she is full as a goog and doesn't want to eat?

If this is the case, you could try waiting 1/2 to 1 hour after she has fed to offer food. Alternatively maybe you could offer one breast, then food and offer the other breast. At least that way she is getting both and you will be able to work out if she really isn't hungry after breastfeeds.

Don't worry too much yet. She is only 7 months old and would be getting enough nutrients from your breast milk. I think food becomes really important from about 9 months and before that it is just to get them used to a new taste.

If you are really concerned it might be good to speak to your clinic nurse, she may be able to offer some other suggestions.

Good Luck and let us know how you go.


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I was having the same trouble with Krysta.. altho she is only 5mths but on powdered milk..
I was giving her just water when she wanted a feed, then she would be hungry about 1/2hr later and I'd give her rice cereal, she didn't like it all that much but it was a start.. Now she has apples, pears and veges.. between 1 and 2 tins a day with 4-6bottles smile

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Some babies don't want solid at all until 9 months OR until they can feed themselves. So they are exclusively breast-fed or bottle-fed until 9 months, and they are fine and healthy. If you baby keep rejecting solid and is happy with just breastmilk, then don't let it worry you.

Emily has never been much of a fan of solids either, she is one now so is eating alot more but i have never been able to feed her anything off a spoon, she will only eat what she can control herself!!! i was really worried for awhile but have learnt that she just wants to be independent!! if your baby is putting on weight and is happy and healthy then dont rush it, they will let you know when they are ready!! emily has been fully breastfed as well and she prefers that to proper food anyday!!!!

Hope all goes well smile
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