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How many times a day to give rice cereal Lock Rss

Hi, i have a 16 week old boy who i have started on rice cereal.He has only had 1 teaspoon at lunch per day for 4 days.Can i give him some at tea time as well? Im not sure if twice a day is too much for him.Thankyou for any tips.


vickie,sa,8week old

Hi Vickie
I started my son on rice cereal at 4 mnths also, he soon got tired of it so I started adding stewed apple or pear (which he loves). I was only feeding him once a day too at around 5.30pm because my MCHN said that at this age there main source of nutrition is still milk. He is now 5 mnths and I'm venturing into vege's and feeding him twice daily, breakfast and dinner.

Donna & Fraser (5 mnths)
I ended up switching rice ceral from breakfast to a dinner food. It was suggested to try and fill DD up so she slept better. I gave her fruit in the morning in stead, worked well for us. She was also a colic baby so the cereal at night was really good as heavy in her tummy, so did help in keeping her milk down.

The only issue I see with your bub Vickie is potential constipation. I like what the other mums suggested, maybe trying another food. To start with, mix it in with the cereal - then once bubs is going ok, just give the new food on its own.

Best of luck - sounds like your bub is taking to solids quite nicely.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi Vickie,

Like your other replies, be wary that too much rice cereal may lead to constipation.

I started Adele on rice cereal at 4 months just to see how she would go with it and she was fine. I tentatively had her on a teaspoon or so for a few days and then she slowly worked her way up from there in a short amount of time.

If he is managing one teaspoon at a time, why not try givng him one at tea time also just to see how he goes? There is no fixed rule to say that you can only give him rice cereal at breakfast time when you are just starting out, though evenually that will be the way it would most likely go.

All his nurtition is coming from formula or breast milk so the cereal is an intro to solids rather than a nutritional requirement, though some say that from around 4 - 6months babies start to lose their iron stores that they were born with and would need to get it from other sources such as iron enriched rice cereal.

I agree, it sounds like your little one is taking well to the rice cereal and don't be afraid to give him more.

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