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Finger Food for 8mth old?? Lock Rss

Hi All,

Iv started giving my little man finger food, so far he has had fruit, 1 hot chip (naughty mummy), cheese & some arrowroot.
I want to start giving him toast, bread & other things but im really scared he will choke..

Any tips on trying to prevent choking?

Any other finger food ideas would be great to as im slowly running out of ideas..

Many Thanks

Hi Alicia
Even now I still worry about Jeb choking.
I make him vegemite, grated cheese or jam sandwiches which he doesn't mind. I cut the crust off his sandwiches too. With toast he still just sucks off whatever I put on it rather than eating the whole lot.
Other finger foods you could try are carrot sticks, broccoli or cauliflower....just par-steam them to help bub chew then easier. Pieces of ham....sorry that's all I can think of atm....mind blank. Hope this helps anyway smile
How good are hot chips. DD likes those wedges, the healthy ones you can buy and bung in the oven. A great finger food idea so I'm with you all the way Alicia - lol.

The only tip I have for choking is learn the first aid approaches for choking. That will give you the confidence in how to deal with it swiftly, should it happen. I always offer DD a drink if she has a little gag or caugh. She gets it herself now, kind of promotes them washing their mouth and throat out - clearing any-thing that might be left in there (niggling or irritating them).

The little bugga does it for attention though, has a little caugh - and looks at me with big sookie eyes - lol. She knows I will drop any-thing I am doing to check on her.

I think the options for finger food are endless - its so much fun !!! Give them a go at what ever you happen to be having, unles really bad. Its normal to fear choking and good to be cautious to start with. Your bubs will soon get the hang of it and you wont worry as much.

Noodles is another good finger food, they are really easy to pick up and shove in their mouth. They even suck them up - just amazing. Best of luck !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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