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hi my son is 9 months and i am scared to give hime finger food, what can i start to give him?
Hugo's favourites are a little heap of grated cheese, or some white bread (day old) no crusts - soldiers w butter and vegemite, my Mum gives Hugo "Yo-Yo" biscuits too (maybe moisten to start with) - just have to stay with him....and don't be too frightened by little coughs and splutters
my son is just on 7 months and has been eating finger foods for about a month now. we started him on crust with vegemite because we found it went soagy than just broke off but bread just went doughy, now we give him pratically anything , he just sucks till a piece falls off, he has no teeth yet but can get through pieces of fruit, bread, chees, chips (potato, sweet potato), really just whatever is on the menu except steak and chewy stuff like that he can't bite off him self.
i hope that helps

I know how you feel I was the same.. I wouldnt give Aiden any finger food unless my husband was home with me, I started by giving him pieces of soft fruit like banana, rockmelon, watermelon. He also likes cheese and milk arrowroot biscuits..

I was really scared as he has his 2 bottom teeth and 4 across the top so he bites things rather than suck!!

Hope this helps


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