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Hi Girls
My bub has been on solids for nearlly 2 months and he is now 51/2mths. He has been a little constipated and today i brought some heinz juice. It says 6+mths but can i give him a little bit now, will it help with constipation and when do you give the juice??????
Any advice would be tops thanks

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

Hi Kylie

I was just looking through the rest of Huggies and found out that if you are giving Rice cereal as a mixer with all the other food at every mealtime – too much rice cereal can make babies very constipated

I would just give your little one a little bit of the juice mixed with water a few times today then stop tomorrow and see if that helps with the Consitpation.

Hope this helps


Kellie and Bodhi - VIC

If you're happy to give it a go then do so. Jeb was having that juice from around that age. He too got constipated very easily. I personally found anything with apple or banana blocked him up bad!!! So he could only really eat pureed pears. Another my told me that "P" is for that is...pears, prunes, peaches etc are all meant to be good to keep bub "regular". I also found carrots and pumpkin also work great. Hope I have helped a little smile
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