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Wont Eat Lock Rss

Hi All

My son Bodhi is now 5 months old and i want to start him on Solids. He is a happy bub and is now starting to following you with his eyes if you are eating or if i have my plate in my hand he reaches out to grab it. So i though he would be ready for rice ceral. Weird thing is that when I tried to feed him he just closes his mouth. I have even tried to mix a bit of fruit with it. Today i tried again and he cried when i tried to feed him. He just wont feed from the spoon.

Any suggestions would b great


Kellie and Bodhi - VIC

Hi there, Just keep the whole solids thing lighthearted. If he doesn't want to try solids just yet, don't get upset. Try again the next day or the next week. Let him play with his spoons, they may be a little intimidating when they are coming at his face.
Have you tried him on a rusk? Even if they haven't teeth they can suck it and have a taste of it.
Try popping a little fruit on your finger and let him taste it that way......

And finally...remember to have the camera ready for the mess of the 1st go at solids. I have funny photos of my boys with pureed carrots spread all over their faces.
Good luck with it all!!


Hi there i just posted a reply but not sure if it worked so i will just ask you quickly how you got your son to take the food? My 5 month old wont take anything..just spits it out turns her head and then cries..please help me i am getting desperate
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