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Questions galore.. please answer any that you can.. Lock Rss

Hey all,

Got a few questions that I am hoping you guys can give me some answers to.

* Weetbix - Can you give it or not. I have been asked twice now if she has had weetbix but I thought I read that they should be 12 mths

* I have tried foods individually is it time now to blend them all together or should you give variety and give say pot & pump one night and alternate the next the combo the next

* Tomatoe products - I have this great looking recipe for Baby Bolognaise but has diced tomatoes in it. I also thought with the acidity of tomatoes it may be something to stay away from.. any opinions or facts?

* When out and taking home made food is it ok to let temp drop slightly if no refridgerator available. I know it wouldnt be safe for a great length of time but is a couple of hours ok?

Why does commercial baby food smell so bad.. Not really expecting too much in this question but tried some when out today and it smelt REALLY BAD and didnt taste too much better! Hence the above question

* The old arrowroot biscuits - are they ok for bubs also. Havent heard or read too much about them just they are great for them to chew on while teething and great for the nappy bag when out and about.

That is about it.. been stewing on them for a couple of days
i can;t answer all your questions, but i have found with the food thing that it works well to give a combination of 2 or 3 vegies for a couple of nights, then change to something different. i do this so bub gets a variety of foods to try, and also its easier to cook up stuff and make enough for a couple of nights, rather than a different thing every night.
my opinion on the biscuit is that its probably full of sugar and not that great a choice, but in saying that i know plenty of people who do it.
not sure on the tomatoes, i haven;t tried them yet.
and i guess the baby food smells bad because its not fresh and must contain a certain amount of preservatives. no info on weetbix either.
hope this is of some help.

Amanda - Lachie 30/9/05, Will 20/10/07

ok sugar booga(sorry poor lil has to put up with that name)

#Ive always been told no to weetbix as children can develope a strong wheat intolerance

#mixing foods,mabey try one batch for 4 nights so u can pick up on a reaction if there is one

#Not sure bout tomatoes

#i think food cooling down is fine as long as you dont reheat it once it already being heated

#Lillie love Heinz pumkin/potato/beef mush smells like doggy doo's and her poos could wake the whole street!!!

#Not sure bout those bikkis
hope i could help you out as you help me out soooo much

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I gave my son weetbix im not sure what age is best but it didnt give him any tummy troubles or anything. I guess just try a little bit and see how they go.

I cook veges them and some canned food in for a little flavor.
Or just give finger foods like cheese and chicken and fruit and stuff.

???Havent heard anything bad about tomatos.?????

I think so as long as it wasnt very hot day. I would be very carful though, especially with food these days.

Why does formula smell so bad i say ewww it nearly makes me spew everytime I smell it and now bubs offers me his bott and puts it in my mouth!!

My bubs LOVES milk arrowroot biscuit and your right they are great for the nappy bag, when your out and about, great to distract them with and just a yummy treat.

Hope I've helped little bit
Hi, hope I can help..

* Iv been giving my son weetbix since 6 months, CHN said to give to him and he loves it!!

* If all foods have been given individually and there are no reactions, there is no reason why you cant start mixing and matching!!

* Not sure about the tomato thing, but I have given Aiden tomatos quite a few times and have had no problems..

* Not sure about the home made food, if im going out I always grab a tin of food.. Aiden loves it, esp the Chicken, Veg & Noodles.

* Aiden loves Arrowroot, but he only has them as a treat, if you want something for your nappy bag for out and about buy some rusks, I always have a pack of 2 in my nappy bag for when he gets cranky!!

Hope this helps a little.


Here is my views on these ones:

1. Weetbix - I tried the adult stuff on and off from about 9 months with DD but it reacted which was so annoying. It was just too heavy for her tummy at the time, she had some sensitivies though. The Kids Weetbix is awesome, DD has been on that for a month (or so). It says for 1-5 year olds so its really your call whether you try it before. If your keen, just try a small bit and monitor your bub for a day - see how it effects their bowl movements etc. Most babies seem to do just fine with it. I think it is an excellent breakfast, quite nicely balanced, convienient and easily 'jazzed up' with some fruit, yoghurt or even some sugar.

2. The variety thing is an interesting question. I think as long as you balance their diet daily, as close/practical as possible, then variety isn't such a big issue. If you happen to have a stack of one veg at home (for example, carrots on special) then it doesn't matter if you serve that up a few nights in a row. I some times mix veg together, some times serve separately, some-times hide it in meat (and so on) - do what ever works for your bub, which usually changes daily - lol. I think the key is to always serve one thing you know your bub will enjoy. That makes it easier to 'hide' other things with it (new foods etc) as well as being confident they will more than likely eat some-thing.

3. Tomatos are a dodgy one. They are on of the highest possible reacting veg/fruit around as they are full of chemicals. I'd go gradually with this one as can really irritate a bub. Maybe give a small mouthful of your own bolognaise, what ever you usually make for your self. Although, might want to add a little less herbs, onion etc. If bubs goes ok, then next time you have it - try a couple more spoons. personally, I think a tin of diced tomatos mixed in with some mince, spaghetti and some grated cheese is yummo. It can be fun finger food for bubs or you can mash it all up and spoon it in.

4. I have only taken fruit jel and custard out and that has been just fine if sat in my bag for an hour or so. I'm really not sure about meat though, probably would avoid it personally (serving without heating that is).

5. You are right, some of the bought baby food stinks - especially that pumpkin and sweet corn, makes me want to gag. I always though it was just the combination of food. Their fruits and gel's are really nice smelling (and tasting - lol).

6. I took ages to give DD biscuits as wasn't happy with the ingredients. I have made my own which are a much better option. Now I get the Little Kids range which have some great cheese crackers that are a much healthier option. I tried arrowroot a few times then stopped. DD was gagging on them constantly - they break of in chunks and get very crumby so DD would caugh and a spray of like dust would come out. If asked, I don't recommend them. There are healthier and in my opinion, safer options out there.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi there,

Haven't tried DD on Weetbix yet...Am waiting for 12months before that....Not sure why, just prefer to stick to the baby cereals....My mum is constantly asking if I have given it to DD yet....

I always give DD a mix of veges for dinner....I cook up a whole heap of veg and mash/puree it and freeze in ice cube trays....Then I mix and match the different varieties...

Can't help with tomato products...She hasn't had any...

Have you thought about getting one of those chiller lunch bags/boxes that keep things cold/hot for ages...I have one and I quite often put DD's veges in it to take out with us....

Can't help with why commercial foods smell bad...Though the dessert ones and some of the vege ones are ok....

My DD has milk arrowroot biscuits....She is 11+ months old and has only been having them for the last few weeks....

Hope this helps....

Heather, Mum to Katie and Rose

Ok this is my experience.

*Weetbix - we have been giving Shannon weetbix for about 3mths now (she will be 9mths next week) I mix it with a bit of hot water and formula with a bit of brown sugar. We have had no problems with it. We use the kids one, but there really isnt a huge difference.

*Vegs -If you have given individually and there has been no problems then start blending girl....hehehe I find it easier to do up each veg then blend and put into ice cube trays then store in zip lock bag, then you can mix and match.

*Tomatos - I vaguely(sp) remember something about not giving tomatos until 12mths but I could be wrong. I would say, try a little and if no reaction then go for it. I have given Shannon food with a bit of tomato with no problems.

*Out and about with food - I wouldnt let the food drop to much in tempreture, definately no where near room temp. as bactiria will start in. Someone before mentioned a cooler bag. When we go out I either take Heinz food or vegemite sandwich fingers.

* Commercial baby food - dont know to much about this but its probably because of the preservitives like someone else mentioned. There are some that are REALLY bad, but in saying that there are some that smell and taste very good. Like the Strawberry Yoghurt Dessert, very nice. I think the ones with meat in are the main offenders.

*Arrowroot - we love them, they were our first finger food - you might like to try them out all mashed up with milk first, that was a hit for us. And as for are they good for you or not, well I can bet we all had it and I know it hasnt done me any harm.

Sorry its so long, hope it helps you some.


Nth Qld 2 year old Shannon

here goes;
Weetbix- I have been giving this from about 8 mths, no problems to report.
Mixing- I say if you have tried them separately then should be no problem together.
Tomato- My guides say 8/9 mths, I remember vaguely reading somewhere that it needs to be well cooked and no pips/peel. Maybe if you used tinned chopped plum tomatoes would be ok? Recipe sounds yummy!
Couple of hours sounds fine, would be more of a worry if it was hot and for longer.
Does smelly food have broccoli in? I make my own and noticed whenever it has broccoli in it stinks!
The biscuits? Not sure about them as I haven't seen them, if you are just using when out & about and not all day (lol) that sounds fine!
Hope any of this can help, only my opinions mostly..

Jen and 13mth Harvey

I was told no Weetbix til they are 2.

I don't see why you couldn't blend a variety of foods together.(If DD has tried them all and has had no reaction it is fine).

You can use tomatoes from a certain age. How old is your DD? You have to peel, and deseed them though.

When travelling you you just take the food from the freezer and go? Do you have one of those bags that is insulated? I bought one that comes with a thing you put in the freezer and it keeps everything cold(not that my DD eats in public, she spews heaps).

As long as your baby isn't chokey(mine is) I don't see why you couldn't give the arrowroot biscuits. You could just use teething rusks if you wanted to.
Just a few answers for you. As far as I mknow weetbix is fine. There are plenty of mothers in my group that feed it to their babies. But you;ve had a few diff answers so ask ur health nurse if you're really worried.
I got told variety with your foods rather than everything all together.
And I love milk arrowroots and ginger nuts for my 6 mth old

Anna, WA, mum of spunky boy!

Weetbix - I was told they are ok and not??? They can have a bit of salt in them so look for ones with low salt content.
Blending - I started blending pretty much straight away. I started with one food over a couple days then added the next and then the next etc and watched for reactions that way as I knew the first 2 were fine so it must be the last one I added...if you get all that rambling??? I froze up batches of vegies that Jeb liked and did different combos each meal ie. pump/broc, pump/corn, sweet pot/carrot etc
Tomatoes - Fine to give from 7-8 months but peeled and seeded. The egg tomatoes are meant to be lower in acid content than the others.
Home made food - I only feed Jeb h/mad as he refuses tinned crap (don't blame him!!) I either leave it frozen if I know there's a microwave where I'll be or put it in his nappy bag with a little freezer block.
Arrowroot - I've been giving Jeb these since he was about 6 months and has never had a prob. He loves them!!! Any plain bickie would be fine as long as they only have them in moderation.
Hope I've helped a little smile
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