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foods at set ages Lock Rss

just wondering if anyone has come across a good australian website that tells you at what age to give certain foods.
i only seem to be able to find american stuff.
i would love a nice chart or table to stick on the fridge as a guide for when to introduce new stuff. its hard to remember everything!!!

Amanda - Lachie 30/9/05, Will 20/10/07

hi there amanda.ur CHN should be able to give u a chart or guide.
I'd love to see some-thing like that Amanda. There is so much variety across Australia, its nearly impossible to know. I found the 'From Milk to More' booklet the ACT CHN provide was awesome. I also like these parent guides but probably not going to help with your question.

If you happen to find some-thing that you really like on the net, can you make sure to pop back and let me know. I'd be really interested in what you could find - taa.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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