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Cutting out a feed..?? Lock Rss

My little 3.5 month old boy has always been a good sleeper (yippee). However, during the day i am struggling to fit in five feeds (he's on the bottle). I seem to have to clock watch to make sure he has enough formula each day. I was hoping to possibly cut out one feed but make the other feeds larger in the hope that he will drink it all. Does anyone have any tips on cutting out a feed without disrupting a pretty settled baby?

Maroubra, Sydney

At this age Jeb was having 5x200ml bottles a day but one of then was at night. If your bub doesn't need a night bottle and you really want to drop a feed then I would probably suggest making every bottle a little bigger rather than just one, and space the feeds out a bit more over the day to help bub take the extra.
This is what Jeb was doing at that age...
7am - 200ml bottle
9am - sleep
11am - 200ml bottle
1pm - sleep
3pm - 200ml bottle
4:30ish - nap
6:45pm - 200ml bottle
7:15pm - bed
10:30pm - 200ml dream feed
Do what feels right for you and bub. Hope this helps a little smile
On my formula tin (S26 gold) it reccommends 5 feeds a day 180ml ( by the time it has formula in it it goes up to 200ml. I find that I can fit 5 feeds in if my daughter wakes at around 7am, 7:30am. I tried the dream feed at 10pm when she only had 4 feeds during the day but it didnt work. I find that she only stays up 1and a half hours from beginning of feed. Jebs mum how do you manage to keep your baby awake? I find that from 4pm till 7pm she doesnt want to have a nap unless we rock her in our arms and then she will have a cat nap. Other sleeps she settles herself to sleep no worries. Also did you find that Jeb woke up a couple of times after abour 2am not wanting a feed but needing some reassurance that we are still here and to put dummy back in?. Molly our daughter has her eyes shut but cries about 3 to 4 times during the early hours of the morning.
As for Boggle head persist with the 5 feeds or at least a lttle more if only giving four feeds and see how your baby goes. ( I have a 3.5mth baby too)You may find that he will sort himself out and want the 5th feed because he will be hungry.

Kate, WA

When my DS was this age, I just used to feed him every 4hrs (or so). And then feed him at 9pm (even if it's just a top-up feed) and put him straight down and it'd be out until the morning (7am). I this this worked out to be about 4 or 5 feeds a day. I wouldn't worry so much on how many feeds just how often- well tat's te way I did it anyway and it seemed to work fine for DS.

Good luck.

Lee, nsw, 4mth baby

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