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Hey gals,

My DD is 13 months old now and has a very sensitive gag reflex, because of this she can still only eat pureed food.

I feel like there isn't enough of a variety in her diet(because everything is pureed). I would really appreciate any and all suggestions. Remembering though that she can not eat anything with even the slightest lump.

Thanks in advance.
hey ana,
wot sort of foods have u been pureeing?
wot does the doc say bout this?do they know y she is gagging?
i went to a doc because when i first started mashing bubs food he would gag and gag until he would through up and they said the same thing but when i was talking to my old boss (i worked in a daycare centre) she reakons it was because he did not like the texture, so that night we only slighly mashed it and he gagged until he through than i gave him another mouthfull adn he would eat it until he was full the next night the same thing, now he won't eat pureed stuff, he will gag on that. i am not telling you what to do but that is my experience with gag reflux.
one thing though you can puree anything if it doesn;t get the right texture just add more water or what ever you cooked it in to make it runnier
hope that helps
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