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To feed or not to feed? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
My DS is 5 months today. From reading most of these forums it seems that most of you have started solids already. My MCHCN really made a point of telling me to wait until 6 months before starting solids. Why did you all start earlier than 6 months? And the million dollar question - did it help bub sleep better at night??!?!?!

Juliet, Vic.

Hi meeks,
I started my DD at about 4month as after every feed of about 250mls she was still hungry and screaming for more. Since starting her on the solids she has also started to sleep better at night. My doctor said it was ok to start her early so i had no problems in doing so. Hope this helps.
4-6 months is ideal to start and depends on Bubs AND YOU. Just remember that to start with giving Bubs food is not to replace feeds rather than to teach them to take food off a spoon, to start with anyway. Theo is almost 5 months and we started 2 days ago, (only becasue he got soooo excited when we sit down to eat our dinner) and i want to get back to work soon. Go with what you feel is right I don't believe there is any mediacl reason to wait unti Bubs is 6 months. Naomi

p.s Theo is still sleeping the same as before solids. ASleep at 7.30pm wakes for a 4am feed up for good at 6.30am
Hi there Meeks,

You can wait till your baby is 6 months for solids because their digestive system is more "mature" to handle more than breast milk/formula. I think a lot of people try around 4 months old as their babies are showing signs of interest in food or aren't completely satisfied with the formula/breast milk they are getting in terms of volume.

I tried my little one at 4 months with rice cereal. She used to look at us and mimic our chewing actions so one day I just decided to try her and never looked back. It was a good experience and I also reasoned in my head that if she didn't take to feeding with a spoon or wasn't quite developmentally ready for solids, it still gave me a couple of months for her to get used to it and for me not to stress about it.

For me, sleeping through the night was never an issue as she was doing it at 10wks, however, the night we started her on her first mashed veggie (sweet potato) she went down for sleep in her cot without the usual one hour carry on crying etc. that they seem to drum up.

Hope this helps..SJ
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