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when to start something more than lumps? Lock Rss

hi, my girl is 7 months today! she is still having lumpy mash for her meals and would like to try her on some finger food but don't know when is right. ARe there any signs to be looking out for or do you just try it an watch like a hawk if they choke? What would be some easy introduction fingerfoods to try?

Also, when can you start them on bread and what sort of bread do you use?

Many thanks,

hello sj! my little man has just gone 7 moths and he has been on finger foods for a month now, i just started him on things like arrowot biscuits, vegemite on toast or bread fingers, soft fruit fingers like rockmelon, watermelon, wedge of orange, potato chips, anythin that they can basically sck on. trey seemed to just suck and suck until a piece would fall off, i found that arrowat biscuits were great to start on. just watch them, it is amazing to watch how much they really now what to do, don't freak if they gag either it is meant to be good to show they are ready aswell. just watch her, she should be ok if she is chewing on mashed food.
hope that helps
I'm with shani - if your bub is handling lumps well, then give some simple finger food a go. Your bub may only play with it to start with, but will soon work out how fun it is to eat it.

I think some easy introduction foods is a piece of what ever you feed bubs already - say some cooked pear or pumpkin. It will be messy, but a good one to use as an experiment. You can watch what you baby does with it, how they learn about the texture by squishing in their fingers etc. Your baby will gag a bit, that is really common - a good reflex so don't panic. Offer a bit of water after (good time to introduce a sippy cup).

The type of bread isn't a big issue, brown, wholemeal, white - what ever you eat will do. Toast is a nice one to start with, crusts off - cut into 3. They tend to suck on it so it goes soggy. It can feel a bit hard in their little mouths and some times they can bite bits off, so maybe try that after some softer finger food - just so you feel more confident in your babies abilities.

Other good ones is some meat to suck on like a bit of chook breast or ham (if you happen to be eating it).

Best of luck - it is such a fun time.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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