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have you seen super nanny on the telly what do you think ?

do you like what she does to get the children to what you wont?

do you use the same at home?

do you find the idear's usefully?

do you hate super nanny?

tell me what you think?

or any hint and tips for other mum's and dad's?

mother of 3

I am not at the stage where discipline is an issue - she is only 6mths

But I still have an opinion...

I think that the children on super nanny are generally extreme cases of when there has been a lack of discipline or inconsistency of methods resulting in children gone wild!

I think that in most home environments the behaviour isnt that extreme (none that i know of anyway) where children lock their parents outside, leave the house and roam the street without mums knowledge etc

I know of plenty of people who use her ideas to some level - naughty spot, rewards chart and i think that as long as you adapt it to a level that suits the needs of the situation then it can be quite beneficial.

well im not a fan of supernanny except to make me feel better about my own childrens behaviour! i have angels compared to those kids!
i agree with previous post, the kids on the show have been in a long term situation with no discipline or other probs.
also she has no children, and i often wonder if her methods work long term not just 2 weeks later!
however i do like the idea of a rewards chart but i think you would really have to wrok that out based on your own child my 2 eldest are 3 and 4 and way too young to get it, we also tried the naughty spot but called it time out and my 3 year old is just too wild for that!
personally i think the only thing that every parent needs to do no matter what they choose is to be consistent otherwise the kids dont learnt that what they are doing isnt ok, for example if its not ok to open the fridge on one day you cant let them open the fridge the next!

Charlie 5, Imee 3, Laura 13mths, and ttc #4!

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